So what's all the fuss about Analysis Services 2005 KPIs?

Just Measures

Well, KPIs are reallly just like other measures that are hosted in AS but with a twist.  These measures also have a target that goes along with them, such as revenue and a target for revenue.  With those two measures, AS will then calculate whether the KPI has met the target for the selected dimensional slice (i.e. a particular month or quarter.)


You then define what kind of display the KPI will have.  This might be a stop light or a guage or maybe a bar graph.  AS will then calculate what the value of the KPI is and whether the stop light should be red, yellow, or green.


After these definitions are made, reports can be made from the KPIs.  Business Scorecard Manager 2005 consumes these KPIs.  When BSM uses these KPIs, they are displayed with the indicator defined in AS.  You can also write reports in Reporting Services 2005 that use the KPIs.  Once again the same indicator is used that is defined in AS.


This allows us to define the language of KPIs in one place and have a consistent message across all reports as to the status of our KPIs. 


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