SQL Server 2005 Samples

I just ran across the SQL 2005 samples and noticed that they had been re-released.  They are now dated 4/19/2006.


Not sure what is different – there isn't a readme that specifies.

Thought I'd let everyone know they seem to have been updated.




One Response to SQL Server 2005 Samples

  1. Dave Wickert [MSFT] says:

    Two major differences: 1) there is a very cool new utility called ‘ascmd’ which can be used to execute XMLA scripts, MDX queries and DMX statements from the command line. It has options for hooking up to the trace facility, saving to an output file, variable substitutions — very cool.

    I have an updated version coming out in the late summer with the next release which has two new features: 1) it can execute native XMLA requests such as Discovers and full Execute XML formatted files, and 2) it will automatically detect if the input is an XMLA command or not — if not, then it html encodes the text and wraps it in an tag — this makes it much easier to input MDX queries and DMX statements.

    Second, the Activity Viewer utility has been enhanced so it can display what traces are currently running on the server and allow you to delete them (without executing a XMLA script).

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