Table Difference

Saw something on Marco Russo's blog that I thought was really cool…

It is an SSIS component for doing table comparisions.

I have encountered this same problem and wrote an entire SSIS package to do the same thing.  Really nice to be able to do this in one step.

Have fun.


3 Responses to Table Difference

  1. Nagendra Somasetty says:

    Sounds interesting. Can you send me a frame work on how you wrote the functionality in SSIS?


  2. Mark Garner says:

    What I did to write an SSIS package that performed this functionality was to use a merge join task using a full outer join and then use a conditional split task to seperate the inserts from the deletes and then compared each column in both data streams to see if there were updates. If you have any more questions, holler back and I’ll explain further.

  3. suga says:


    I need a small help.

    I need a sample package using tabledifference for SCD II for a table with 1 key column, 1 type 1 & 1 column type 2.

    Thanks for helping.


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