Final Draft of “Business Intelligence Architecture and Design Guide”

I saw the post on Chris’s blog that the final draft of of the “Business Intelligence Architecture and Design Guide” on gotdotnet had been released.  I also took a look at the OLAP section and had a little more positive of a reaction than Chris.  Without reading too far, I had found some things that weren’t overly obvious that I hadn’t thought about yet that I could apply to some of the projects I’m working on.  I’ll probably blog about some of them in the next few days.

However, I did notice that while the document contained good info on SSAS, it could use some editing – and I’ll probably pass on my suggestions there.  I’m not a great writer but for some reason, I tend to notice typo and sentence structure errors a lot in publications.  Maybe that is a way I can contribute to the project.

I agree with Chris in that it isn’t a super detailed document, but I imagine that for someone who knows a little about SSAS and has built a cube or two and wants to know more, that it is a good reference for getting more knowledge and experience to help take their cube design to the next level.


One Response to Final Draft of “Business Intelligence Architecture and Design Guide”

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