Developer Edition to the Rescue

In an earlier post I had mentioned the problem that SSIS packages couldn’t be executed in a way that was “in-process” – in other words, my build would have to create a SQL job that executed a package that I had deployed to the SSIS server.  I would use sp_start_job to start the job and the problem is that it just starts the job and reports whether the job was started successfully.  The build moves on to the next step.  This would make it hard to load shared (conformed) dimensions first and then load the fact table second.

This doesn’t turn out to be a problem because we can use the Developer Edition of SQL Server and install SSIS on our local machines and use dtexec on the command line.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, but it completely solves the problem.

We didn’t want to install SQL on our local machines for data security reasons and this doesn’t cause a problem.

Problem solved!


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