BuildDB – Open Source Tool for the Agile SQL2005 Database

I’d like to announce the beginning of a new open source project to fill a hole in the set of tools needed for an Agile Database / Datamart built on SQL 2005.

The name of the project is BuildDB and it is hosted by Google Project Hosting under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

In consultation with a friend and colleague, Greg Graham, I wrote a tool that will build a SQL 2005 database from script files using a command line console app.  The app is written in Visual Studio 2005 on the .NET Framework 2.0.  The project is definitely not finished and I hope that maybe a person or two will step up and help me test it and maybe even do some coding.

It works like this:

BuildDB [TargetServerName] [TargetDBName] [ScriptsRoot]

Under the ScriptsRoot directory, the application looks for these directories: “Logins”, “Users and Roles”, “Tables”, “User Defined Functions”, “Views”, “Stored Procedures”, “Triggers” and “Static Data”.

The tool will go through these directories and create the database and then run the scripts in the “Static Data” directory allowing the opportunity of inserting data right from the get-go.

There are already some known issues with the application and also some enhancements that I’ll be working on in the near future.  Even with these issues and enhancements outstanding the tool is pretty useful but maybe incapable of building a super complicated database.  If someone tries the tool and finds any other issues that I don’t have identified in the Issues List, please add it or get in touch with me via this blog.


One Response to BuildDB – Open Source Tool for the Agile SQL2005 Database

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