Merge Join Task Complete Cop-Out

November 13, 2006

I was working on a package just now that included a merge join task that ended up having the incorrect join defined.  The source for this join is a set of flat files defined as Flat File Source tasks.  To change the definition of the sort order of the flat files, you go into the advanced editor and set the sort key position to the new sort order.  I did this.

Afterword, I went into the merge join task it asked me if I would like to re-define the join keys according to the new sort order that I defined in the Flat File Sources.  I chose OK.  I looked at the new join information it it looked ok.  I clicked OK to save the merge join task.

After saving, I still had a red X on the merge join task.  To investigate, I clicked on the task to edit and it says that there isn’t a monotonically increasing set of sort order keys defined.  (Something I can fix)  But the next sentence absolutely in-excusable.  It says:

Due to limitations of the Advanced Editor dialog box, this component cannot be edited using this dialog box.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  How am I supposed to fix the problem?  Are you guys good enough to find a way to open the dialog even with this problem so that I can take a look at it and fix it?

I know this is version one of this product, but how can you possibly leave this task in this state?  Obviously no one at on the development team used this tool enough to come across this problem.  If they had, they would have fixed it immedately.


I wonder if it will be fixed in SP2?