BI Studio Bug?

February 22, 2007

I have just come across a bug in BI Studio that has shook me to the core.  It involves the copy and paste of packages within a project.  Let me describe how to reproduce:

Here is the setup:

First, open a brand new IS project.  Then go into the package called “Package.dtsx” that is created by default.  Add a dataflow task.  Inside of the dataflow task, create a flat file source and change it to be fixed length.  Then go and add a column – any column…you can just click the add button and then OK.  We just need to have some column definition in the metadata.  Now go and get a row count task and place it on the data flow area and connect data flow from the flat file source to the row count task.  You can add a variable to the package and assign it to the row count if you like.  To reproduce this bug you don’t even need to do that.

Now we just need to save the package.

Next go into the solution explorer and select the package you just edited and copy it to the clipboard and then paste it back into the project thereby making a copy of the package.  The new one is probably called “Package 1.dtsx.”

OK – here comes the bug.  Go into Package.dtsx and add a data viewer in between the flat file source and the row count.  Now save the file.  Now go look at what happened to your copy.


This even happens if the copy of the package is closed – not even open in BI Studio.

I do a lot of copy/paste of packages to reduce the amount of repetitive work that I have to do.  I have to admit that this shakes my confidence to the core about this copy/paste functionality.  What else have I been editing in my other packages that were created from copy/paste?  Oh man.

So, does anyone know if this has been identified by Microsoft as a known issue?


SP2 is now available (No, Really!)

February 19, 2007

Here is the link:…

SQL Server SP2

February 19, 2007

Looks like SP2 will be out real soon.  Lots of new features and bug fixes.…

(Thanks to Greg Graham for the info)