Happy birthday!

March 20, 2007

I just realized that the first birthday of my blog was almost a month ago.


I can’t believe it has been that long.

Hopefully my small contribution to the Microsoft Business Intelligence community has been helpful to someone.



Using the Missing Index DMV

March 20, 2007

I ran across an older post from the Microsoft SQL Server Query Optimization Team.  It is a script that creates a database and some supporting tables and a job that uses a couple of stored procs in the new database to periodically check the Missing Index Dynamic Management View and pulls the index suggestion down into a log.  Every time that an index is suggested by the DMV, it is logged.  If the suggestion is already there, it increments a counter and logs when exactly it noticed the suggestion.

Click here for the blog post.

Sometimes it suggests some slightly crazy indexes, but any help with index optimization is helpful.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference

March 1, 2007

The registration is now open.  Thought I’d let you know.