4 Responses to Extracting SSIS Metadata

  1. Ilan says:

    Please let me know what I have to do to extract my ssis metadata. I have tried to use this component but it didn’t wotk. What do I have to fill in the parameters server name, /databaseServerName:, /areaName: …

    Can you please send me an execution example…

    Thanks, Ilan

  2. Mark Garner says:

    Ilan, if you’ll go to http://metashare.sourceforge.net/ there is a sample run-through including screen shots. See if that helps. If not, post another comment and I’ll get you whatever you need.

  3. Thomas Hsu says:

    I have tried to run MetaShare cmd, but errors shows login failed. I only need to get SSIS metadata, not dimension metadata. The SSIS package is running between 2 Oracle servers in Linux. Any place to input Oracle authentication in cmd, instead of server name only? (OR does MetaShare uses SSIS login info for database?)

    In this case, the database server name is Data source or data destination server name?

  4. Kevin Villers says:

    I am able to get the cmd to run, but it doesn’t generate any links for ssis relationships in my wiki files.

    I know for a fact the tables analyzed are used in Data Flows in the SSIS….but no dice.

    How can I begin to debug without any errors??

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