11 Responses to Agile Data Warehouse – MetaShare

  1. Diego says:

    i’d like to see that,


  2. Thomas Hsu says:

    I have tried the MetaShare for AdventureDW without problem. But do you know we can use Metashare on tracking any other SSIS package (ex, transfer data between Oracle through SSIS)?

  3. Mark Garner says:

    MetaShare is designed to extract out SSIS meta data no matter what the source and destination of the package it. It is, however, specially designed to extract the meta data in combination with the Kimball Spreadsheet meta data.

    Give it a try. It should still work with a packages that sources out of Oracle.

  4. Thomas Hsu says:

    You mean we need to have special design from SSIS, or we can just use existing Kimball spredsheet meta data? Do you have any guide that we can follow to make a new SSIS package showing meta data by MetaShare?

    Thanks a lot

  5. Mark Garner says:

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. As far as SSIS is concerned, there is no special Kimball metadata involved. You can use MetaShare on any SSIS package.

  6. Thomas Hsu says:

    In the MetaShare cmd line to run it, we need to specify a database name, this database is data source? If we run SSIS for Oracle1 to oracle2, what we should specify for this database name? (should we run this in Oracle server?)

  7. Thomas Hsu says:

    I just got it works, however, it only shows Data source info, I didn’t see and find any SSIS info over there, I searched SSIS package in Wiki, but result got nothing, do I need to add anything to get SSIS info showing over there?

  8. Mark Garner says:

    No, nothing special needs to be in the package for MetaShare to extract meta data. I will go ahead and say that I don’t know how well this will work with an Oracle database as the other search partner for MetaShare. You’re more than welcome to download the source code and see how well you can make it work for you.

  9. Thomas Hsu says:

    Any way to find how many SSIS packages related to a table.column?

  10. Mark Garner says:

    You’ll have to run XPath queries on the XML of the SSIS packages. Feel free to look in the source code of MetaShare for an example.

  11. Kevin Villers says:

    Why is the Metashare.Generate.exe precompiled?
    I would like to be able to point to 2008 directories for SSIS package.

    The code is looking in a DTS90 directory instead od DTS100, but I have no way to change this

    little help?

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