SQL 2008 in Q3 ’08

Teo Lachev has brought up that a clarification has been made that SQL 2008 will be released in Q3 2008.  The original blog entry can be found here.

I guess this is good news – but I have to say that many of the places I’m working are just getting through the 2000 to 2005 migration.  I know that Microsoft has been hard at work to deliver SQL within the 24-36 month range.  I have to ask myself – is that because they think it is good for their customers or because it is good for their revenue stream?

Can customers keep up with the upgrade cycle? Can technologists keep up with all the new features?

I also think that Microsoft is undermining their certifications program because it is quite an investment to achieve one and before you know it, you have to start all over with the next version.

Have a good weekend.


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