OLE DB Source Metadata Refresh

There is a particular behavior on the OLE DB Source that I’d like to highlight.  I have had the need to change the data type of a column in a source query recently and found that the OLE DB Source doesn’t flush and refresh its metadata.

Let’s say I have a varchar 5 field and it really is suposed to be a dollar amount.  I could go in to the package and add a Data Conversion task – which is a good option, but also I could go in to my source query and change it there by performing a cast([my_varchar_column] as money).  What I have found is that you have to comment out the column and click OK to get out of the OLE DB Source dialog, then go back and un-comment the column so that it is back in the metadata collection with the new data type.

I know that performing cast operations in a souce query may not be a best practice, but I had a table with a few hundred columns and a whole bunch of them needed to have their data type changed.  I could either write a source query (using the catalog) that had all the right data types built in, or build a set of data conversion tasks (like maybe 50) that do the same thing.  In the interest of time, I did the former.


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