MS Live Mesh

I was just accepted to the Live Mesh beta and I have to say that it seems pretty cool.  I have installed the Mesh client (should I call it a client?) on my laptop and have used the online “Live Desktop” on another computer and they sync quite well.

After adding a file on one, it shows up on the other within a few seconds.  One computer is on a fast wired network (using the webtop client) and the laptop is connected to the internet by a 2.5g wireless phone.

I can think of a few different scenarios in which I’ll use Mesh and I’m interested to see where Microsoft takes it.  I’m interested to hear of ways that others are using Mesh…



One Response to MS Live Mesh

  1. Oleg says:

    Customers never asked for this feature and none of the earlier versions really took off as huge platforms…

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