Getting Connected

I’ve been spending a little time getting my online presence all linked together.  Twitter feed showing on my blog, Twitter updating my Facebook status, FriendFeed hooked up to Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp!…  I’ve also started to invest some time in keeping Twitter up to date and this has started to return rewards for me.

I’m really starting to get into being connected to folks via the internet.  At one point I thought that computers and networks were driving people apart – instead of going down to someone’s desk to ask a question, send an email.  But I’m discovering that once you plug into a network of people on line be it with Twitter or Facebook or Yelp or wherever, these services are allowing us to become more connected with people around us – people geographically close and people far flung.

It takes some work, but the investment in maintaining a social presence online until critical mass is met, is to me well worth it.


2 Responses to Getting Connected

  1. That’s true. This internet/Social Network thingy brings people together. At my current career stage, I am more of a “taker” than “giver”. I have learned lots of important things by connecting to these people via their blogs, tutorials, videos, twitter, etc. Right now, I am just waiting for my time to shine…

  2. themadgrad says:

    funny, I feel the same way lately! I used to fear this surge of social media would turn me into a recluse- only connecting people through the computer. But I think it actually does the opposite. It provides ways to connect with people in person as you join communities and communities online that have events and clubs.

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