Very Cool SQL Utilities

June 19, 2008

I ran across a post where Mladen Prajdic lists out some SQL utilities he has come across.  It is a great list of little things to make a DBA’s life easier.  Check it out:

Thanks, Mladen!


AdventureWorks for RC0

June 16, 2008

Teo mentions that AdventureWorks for RC0 has been refreshed.

Thanks, Teo.

Iowa Floods

June 13, 2008

I live in Des Moines, IA – the town at the confluence of the Des Moines and Racoon rivers.  These rivers have a recent history of flooding.  In 1993 the Des Moines and the Racoon rivers overflowed their banks and flooded downtown Des Moines as well as Valley Junction in West Des Moines.  After 1993 the levees were raised and flood walls were put in the city to help protect low areas.

When you see flooding on TV, it seems sad and horrible.  But when you are caught up in the middle of it, it brings on a whole new meaning.  One of my co-workers has family in Cedar Rapids – the worst of the flooding in Iowa.

I hope that I never see another 500 year flood.  Iowa has now had two of them in 15 years.  Hopefully it will be 1000 years before the next one.

New Blog

June 6, 2008

A colleague of mine at Sogeti has started a blog and I wanted everyone to know.  His name is Neil Wood and his area of expertise is .NET development, ALM and BizTalk – among other things I’m sure.

BTW – did anyone else out there hear about the rain storm that stretched from Dallas to Minneapolis last night!?  Dumped tons of rain here in DSM.