SDS Announcement

March 23, 2009

Looks like SDS is going to support the regular old relational paradigm sooner rather than later:  (Thanks to Neil Wood for the link.)

Now this is interesting.  Now someone could move (without much work) their OLTP system to the cloud and have MS manage it.  All you’d need is a big pipe to the MS data center.  Well – assuming you don’t use features they don’t implement.  All they mention here is tables, columns and stored procedures.  I suppose things like triggers may not be implemented soon, but we’ll overlook that for now.

More straight forward might be moving a big data warehouse to the cloud.  Having MS manage my 1 tb warehouse might make a lot of sense – especially if I get some sort of IOs per sec SLA.

My big question is will they protect users from themselves?  Before putting a large database into production will MS like to have a code review of your stored procedures and ERD?  What about queries that are long running?  Will they kill them if they run for over a minute or two?  Will the be a cap on size?

I’m not knocking this down before it starts – I’m just curious how this will play out.  There is a good reason why companies might like to move SQL off site.  It will probably be cost effective.  This is going to be worth watching.