PerformancePoint 2007 with SQL 2008

I have been using the Monitoring Server Depolyment Guide for PerformancePoint 2007 (excerpted from Nick Barclay and Adrian Downes’ Book) document as a guide for installing and deploying PPS Monitoring.  There is a lot of documentation around how to get PPS 2007 to work with SQL 2008 among them being CU9 for SQL 2005.

PPS uses SQL 2005 clients for database and Analysis Services access – PPS was released well before SQL 2008.  When it comes time to hook up to Analysis Services 2008 and SQL 2008, it seems odd to install a SQL update to the PPS server – even if SQL is on another box.  This is to update the client tools used by PPS to access the data back end.

In the Deploying Monitoring Server documentation, it says that CU9 for SQL 2005 is required.  Well – this is not completely the truth.  Specifiaclly, you need a minimum version for accessing SQL 2008.  For SNAC, it is 2005.90.3282.0 with a file date of 05-Aug-2008.  The CU9 website doesn’t specifically point out the version numbers of the other required clients, ADOMD and ASOLEDB9.

In any case, applying SQL 2005 CU9 is unecessary if you use SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack from December 2008.  This collection of various and sundry tools has versions newer than are included in CU9 and are sufficient for running PPS.  The version for SNAC included in Feature Pack from December is 2005.90.4035.0 from 25-Nov-2008.


One Response to PerformancePoint 2007 with SQL 2008

  1. Dan English says:

    I also utilize the SQL Server 2005 December 2008 Feature Pack. Microsoft still tells everyone to use the CU9 components in the documentation and in the technet forums though.

    Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – December 2008 (

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