Hyper-V with a High Performance Video Card

May 11, 2010

I’ve been needing a new demo machine for myself and finally bought a Dell Studio 16 – i7 processor (4 cores) and 8 gigs of ram.

The only problem is that when you turn on the Hyper-V role, the system becomes unstable and BSODs because of the high end video card.  For some stories, check here and here and here.

I finally gave up and installed VMWare and everything works great.  I’m a total Microsoft kind of person.  I love not having to install anything I don’t have to, but I had to.

Hyper-V just isn’t ready to handle these new processors and new video cards.  VMWare is.

And after all that, VMWare just works.  It comes with all the virtual networks set up.  They just work.  There is a setting to optimize disk for performance by not waiting for disk write.  This is perfect for demo machines.

Once Microsoft remedies the Hyper-V situation, I’ll gladly switch back.