Something else new from Microsoft

July 24, 2006

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager – AdventureWorks DW Workspaces Templates which as far as I can tell, BSM templates around AdventureWorks.  Now we have a way to preview/demo BSM without having to build everything by hand.



Some new stuff from Microsoft

July 24, 2006

Microsft has released an update to BOL (Books online) as well as SQL 2005 Samples.  Don’t know what is new, but I’m very happy that Microsoft has stayed on top of these items and has continued to update them on a regular basis.


SSIS Expression Language Reference

July 13, 2006

We all know that there is a new language in SSIS called the Expression Language.  Little like C#, but not quite the same.

I have heard a few people ask about a reference for this language and I ran across it a little while ago and thought I’d share.

Here it is:


Final Draft of “Business Intelligence Architecture and Design Guide”

July 10, 2006

I saw the post on Chris’s blog that the final draft of of the “Business Intelligence Architecture and Design Guide” on gotdotnet had been released.  I also took a look at the OLAP section and had a little more positive of a reaction than Chris.  Without reading too far, I had found some things that weren’t overly obvious that I hadn’t thought about yet that I could apply to some of the projects I’m working on.  I’ll probably blog about some of them in the next few days.

However, I did notice that while the document contained good info on SSAS, it could use some editing – and I’ll probably pass on my suggestions there.  I’m not a great writer but for some reason, I tend to notice typo and sentence structure errors a lot in publications.  Maybe that is a way I can contribute to the project.

I agree with Chris in that it isn’t a super detailed document, but I imagine that for someone who knows a little about SSAS and has built a cube or two and wants to know more, that it is a good reference for getting more knowledge and experience to help take their cube design to the next level.

Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2006

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.

Have a good weekend!